Tip: Do not use color variables for plugins [FIXED BY BUBBLE]

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know to not use color variables inside plugin elements and plugin actions. The bubble team has not taken into consideration how plugins work and how they depend on colors coming in as a standard rgb or hex value. Until bubble finds a consistent way to provide colors to the plugin code, most if not all plugins made before the December update will not work with color variables.

P.S Color variables seem to cause a lot of bugs. Here’s an example from today:

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Hey there, thanks for pointing out this issue. This was indeed an edge case we had not solved for yet. As of today, color variables will now work in custom plugins! We appreciate your patience as we work on making this feature more robust.


Thanks so much :grin: really appreciate it!

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@miri @jgh3

If you set the color normally like this


Then console.log the output, then it shows correctly like this:


If you set the color variable in the editor (within settings, same color in this example with 50% opacity) like this:


Then it outputs like this:


The opacity values stays at 1 but when seen through the page when you preview, the color visually shows at 50% on screen, it’s just the value coming through the plugin.

The greyed out 50% section, if you change that, I’m assuming that’s an override? Although it’s initially greyed out, you can still change it and when you do so, then do a console.log on that color output still produces the 1 on the end.

It looks like it’s possibly not acting quite right?


@pork1977gm you’re a little late to the party.

Bubble broke a bunch of plugins again by forgetting to check for a null condition. Typical Bubble stuff.


Ahh I should really read the forums more! Cheers Keith, it’s always the way with me!

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Wasn’t being critical, @pork1977gm. Just the usual bubble drama one misses when one logs off for more than 24-36 hours. Turn your head and Bubble just goes off and does bubble things. :man_shrugging: