Style Variables Colors accessible via Dynamic Expressions

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There should be a way through a dynamic expression to reference the Style Variables Colors Hex Codes Values. The use of colors throughout an app is NOT limited to just areas in which the color input provided by the element inspector is available. There are numerous areas in which a color can be used where Bubble doesn’t provide an accessibility to our Style Variables color choices.

For example, when using a LINK in a text element in which the color of the Link should be different from the rest of the text, there is a need to use BB Code to set the color of the Link…BUT, there is no way to access the style variables colors hex codes, so these values need to be hard coded, which makes it much more difficult to utilize Style Variable Colors everywhere throughout an app where those color variables might need to be utilized.


Seriously needed. Just upvoted!

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@kate.mcnally This may be one of those small quality of life improvements to do on the next round. It will also help assist with making templates on the marketplace better