Tips before using Zeroqode

Guys be careful using zeroqode
The display and sample sites they have might not be representative of the site they will build if you pay them in advance in my experience they will not deliver a decent site and leave you out of pocket for your project

please do not flag this post and mods please do not remove this so other people can read it learn from my mistakes exercise some caution and not lose large amounts of money.

If you are going to remove negative posts about zero code you should have a disclaimer saying that you do this on top of your forum as this is one place people will come to look for reviews before handing over thousands of dollar and potentially losing there money

late last year I paid bubblewits/zerocode $3360 for what I thought was going to be a full service website site I thought they would write the content design illustrations and basically deliver a great site.

Was surprised when I had to hire a copywriter to write the content as they don’t have a copywriter there

The Logo apparently the building of the site did not include logo design so I had to go and hire a logo designer - Disputed

I had already handed over the money so I didn’t really have to many options.

So no content no logo design asked “can you guys do a little graphic for the first part of the site” the reply no we can’t do that either just stock photos they can add weird stock photos that’s it. - Disputed

Alright also the functionality of the site the end product was really lacking and buggy. Well they said they would fix it in the next phase which they really tried to push me into even thought I told them I want to start this project with the first phase only and just add functionality if the site was able to get clients. They kept on asking for more money they wanted me to give them thousands more dollars but they gave me something that really lacked And was not properly responsive which means it did not work properly on mobile even though responsive was something I had paid extra for. . - Disputed

Just exercise caution and do not pay in advance maybe ask them to build a demo before you hand over any money because I was very unimpressed with the end product and when I asked for a refund they said no.

‘’Our prices are based on the fact that we are the team of developers, designers, testers, PMs, so we aim to ensure the quality of each step of development and project delivery - and we as a company do guarantee that.’’

Quote from Tanya bubble wits

"click on “visible on page load”=“no”

Quote from Vlad developer bubblewits when asked to fix something on the site telling me to go code it myself.

Response Summary.

ZeroQode dispute some of the statements made in the original post.

  • James presented a list of complaints and to the service delivered by ZQ
  • ZQ and community asked for a set of tangible proof to explain the problem
  • ZQ say James was not able to show anything solid to prove his point
  • In order to close the discussion for the last time - the thread was closed

Do you mean Zero Code or Zeroqode? If you’re talking about Zeroqode, I think it’s only fair when doing something like this you tag the CEO or company rep into the post.


Edit: To also note they have a forum: :wink:

thanks edits made.
discussion with bubblewits company reps are over I just wanted to make this post to warn others because I saw they are charging 10k now which is a massive amount for someone to lose. I just hope this one doesn’t get removed.

Alright, thank you for bringing this to the attention of the Bubble community, but we also believe that it’s only fair to allow Zeroqode be able to counter the argument. I’m sorry you feel unsatisfied with your project.

Thanks James. You have stated your side of the situation clearly and calmly. Zeroqode will of course be allowed to respond.

A word of advice.

Unless explicitly stated, it’s unwise to think you are going to get copywriting, stock photography, illustrations, logo or any other creatives included in the price for any web development project.


It would be more informative if the post contained images or videos showing the bugs and unpolished experience. Though I wouldn’t expect an app development contract to include graphics, logo and illustrations unless explicitly stated, most of the points seem to be communication problems. Didn’t you sign a contract? In case you did, doesn’t the contract specify the exact services and features that would be delivered?

To Zeroqode, I’d say: if you think you may have failed to give the OP the correct understanding of what he’d get from you, maybe get back to him and try to better match the expectations. Also in that case be more explicit on the contract and negotiation for next customers. I’m saying this as a company owner because it’d be an opportunity to show him and all the other people reading this thread that you are reliable and accountable.

To the OP, I’d say: double check the contract to see if you may have had understood it wrong or created exaggerated expectations.

Just my humble opinion.

I was going to say that exactly. But you beat me up to this (which I’m glad you did). I will let @vladlarin to comment on James’ post in detail but we already replied twice to his accusations, that he should present a proof in terms of the mutually agreed project scope and point out exactly what from that scope we haven’t delivered. Otherwise anyone can just claim anything. He still continues to simply say that we haven’t delivered what we promised without any proof. Without showing the end result and without showing what exactly have been promised.

What we know is that we have delivered everything that was in that scope and even way beyond. At some point Vlad and the team got fed up with delivering things that were not in the initial scope and that James simple kept requesting for some reason assuming that we should do them (just like he was expecting copywriting and logo and god knows what else). I guess that’s when Vlad started simply suggesting the way how to do that (although even that he wasn’t supposed to do)

Recently James reached out to me directly by email asking he wants a refund of $360. Even though we don’t owe anything to him, i offered for him to pick any template for free and lifetime membership on Zeroqode Lab so he can learn to do things on his own - combined value at that time $548. I suggested that as a compromise so that all sides get past this frustration. He refused insisting on cash refund which I didn’t entertain. I have proof of this in the form of email exchanges which I can present if necessary.

@gustavopch we did all of this. Both trying to match the expectations which were for some reasons way over the discussed project specification document. And we are always very explicit, every feature request is part of our spec document.

i think the exaggerated expectations are obvious even from his complains that we didn’t provide a copywriter and haven’t produced a logo.

my point exactly. This is his 3d post (or maybe more) And still he fails to provide any proof, despite that we asked many times to provide anything proving where we failed to deliver on our promises.

Can the @moderators prohibit the user from posting again on this forum? Do we have to just keep dealing with the same case over and over again?

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oh and one more thing:

this is exactly one of the reasons we raised our project minimum. Very often people paying $3000 expect a clone of Amazon or Instagram while those with budgets over $10K know what they are paying for and know what to expect.
It’s very similar to us raising template prices from $137 to $377 at some point to filter our those who pay $137 for a beautifully crafted template, built by a team of 2-3 expert Bubble designers in a course of many weeks, and then complain that we didn’t spend hours to help them modify the template or that we have project minimums. Didn’t regret neither of the decisions.


10k for what :open_mouth:

on-topic: I don’t think a company like Zeroqode can afford to waste their reputation by handing out a project that contains bugs without solving them. +1 for zeroqode

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$10K is our project minimum, we raised it up from $3000

exactly, and you’ve seen other feedbacks around the forum. I already said on other threads that we are not perfect and issues arise but we always try to solve them in a reasonable manner.

You will miss out on a lot of projects or has business stayed the same?

we don’t mind missing out on smaller projects, preferring to focus on a few big projects and product development (templates, plugins, courses etc.)

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because that’s the amount extra I paid for the site to be responsive I can pretty easily prove the site was never made responsive. I did want a full refund but it was declined that was my attempt at a compromise.

photo attached is site on mobile phone showing lack of responsive

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@jameswdaniels I think you know well that you’d need to try better than this to provide sufficient proof.


That doesn’t prove anything I am afraid.

Why don’t you just provide the URL so we give an objective verdict?


site was completely redone already by another firm

maybe you should’ve told me that before taking the money for my project

If this was a serious case, you’d have kept screenshots of the ‘horrible’ work done and even had the new firm start a new site so you could keep the old one as evidence. Really tired of seeing Zeroqode being bad-mouthed for no reason.