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I just wanted to post a quick review about my experience working with @ZeroqodeSupport because I have read some things on this forum lately that do not line up with my experience at all. My intention is in no way to stir up controversy of any sort, just to give an honest take on my perspective of having hired them and worked with them over several months. I worked with @ZeroqodeSupport starting about a year ago and our work together lasted about 4 months (longer when including the planning stages).

My experience was excellent and I was very happy with the level of support and customer service. I spent a considerable amount of money with them (nearly $4,000) but I received way more than that in terms of value from their work. Prior to the start of the contract, members from the Zeroqode team spent hours talking with me, hammering out the scope of the contract, making suggestions, etc. They were always very attentive and patient with my desire to manage every detail of what we would be doing. They had the difficult task of taking a site I had already mostly built the logic for, learning my workflows, and completely redesigning it into a professional product that could be brought to market.

Working with Zerqode was highly collaborative - I felt almost like I was part of the team. This ensured that there was a mutual understanding of how money was being spent, when different things would get done, etc. There was as much transparency as I could imagine.

The end result was beautiful and beyond my original expectations quite honestly. I would work with them again if the need arose.

Feel free to ask me any other questions about my experience. Like I said, I am not trying to stir up controversy, but this post was spurred by reading things on here I disagreed with. I sometimes think, that with all the open source products available in the world of web development, we come to expect things for free without realizing that it takes considerable resources to develop and maintain these products.


@ryanellman, you’re simply the best :wink:

Thank you for the kind words and we truly appreciate the initiative and your support.



Hi Ryan,
thanks a lot! I haven’t had the pleasure to work with you personally but glad that the team did our best.
We are not perfect by any means and sometimes we face difficult situations with client projects but your feedback is an important validation that we always do our best to solve the issues when they arise.

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Founder @ Zeroqode


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No problem at all - hopefully we can work together again in the future!

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My pleasure! You guys did a great job and were worth every penny so I am happy to let you and others know. Next time I need additional support and work on an app, I have no doubt I will be turning to you guys.


@ryanellman I hope you don’t mind me tagging onto your thread in regards to adding my comments to your Zeroqode review. I thought it best to do so rather than create a separate thread in the showcase section.

I felt compelled to write in regards to the support Zeroqode have provided to me also…

I have found the support provided by Zeroqode to be Excellent!


This means the world to us guys, thank you :slight_smile:

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