Tips for staying focused

What is your advice to stay focused during a long software project build?

I seem to be able only focus 1 to 2 hours a day making progress on my software, I want to increase that number to 6 or 7 hours. I have the time just not the pure focus that is needed. any advice? thanks!

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Hey @oiplive,

Usually just taking a break after an hour or two session helps. A 15 minutes break for the bathroom, some food and to hydrate yourself is good. It’s also good for your eyes. I wear blue light glasses and I find that helps with my eye strain but that’s a total different topic :smile:

Hope this helps!


thank you! yes full restful breaks can be improved! ty

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I find that having a task list helps a lot. I have this task list pinned on a tablet in front of me so that I always stay on track, instead of sidetracking which used to happen a lot.

I also start a timer. I feel like when I have a timer running on a task, I tend to dedicate more focus to it. The benefit is that I can use it to generate invoices without much hassle.

Edit: I use

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Love it and just started using BOTH, a list and a timer. Crazy how those things help bring awareness and focus to the progress! thank you!

More specifically, I’m using a google doc charting each day, my Goal to do, Goal time, and actually did, and actual time. It seems to be working getting my focus back up!

Shout out to vini_brito too for recommending Darren Hardy which helps my brain get going in the morning and structure (basic self help stuff that’s a great reminder, hard work, motivation, decisions, goals, tracking, etc.)

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Something that I was always taught it that first thing is to tackle the most important, time consuming, energy and focus draining activities, because when you first get started is when you are at your most alert…a cup of coffee helps with that too.

Another thing that helps refocus is to lay down and close your eyes for 20 minutes. You don’t need to actually fall asleep, but it has tremendous benefits.

10 To 20 Minutes

This is arguably the most effective nap length (unless you have an hour and a half to spare, of course). Ten- to 20-minute naps will help you perk up with little to no grogginess, so you can rally throughout the afternoon and don’t have to worry about crashing later. In a study of first-year medical students, brief afternoon naps improved the mental acuity and alertness of participants, which are benefits we could all use a little more of.

After that 20 minutes of eyes closed, you also benefit from the largess of ideas that came to mind during that time…I’ve solved a lot of really difficult problems during those 20 minutes to come back to the computer and knock out something that was a real complex issue.

Also, save some of the more mundane routine tasks for the end of the day…things you don’t really need to be too focused on. I usually browse for design ideas of the area of my app I will be tackling the next day.

You also need to just overall figure out your life schedule and find out how to make sure you are not letting yourself get burnt out. It is important to take into account a good life balance.

I do about 6 hours building followed by a 3 hour break followed by another 5 or 6 hours building everyday…some days I am in a terrible mood and skip the 3 hour break and only take about 15 minutes, but most days I take that 3 hour break.

True! I spend my first hour of day stretching, then right into the software, specfically more technical challanges, then later in day more “simple” design stuff.

In contrast I used to do client work first, which didn’t work out well. Have to put my dreams first in my experience.

I take ADHD meds so the coffie doesn’t help because already on a stimulant, lol.

True! Yes, and contrasted with past I would take breaks but watch YouTube on my phone thinking that was a brake even if it’s just dum random videos, a real body relaxation is needed.

True! And walks for me. I go to take a walk and few mins later I’m back working on new idea to further the progress.


True!! I’ve been working out how to “make money online” business development for 10 years. I think the constant work finally caught up.

Wow you are my Hero/role model. I will see if I can get back to that amount of actual work put in daily! Thank you!!

I have the dreams in my head just need to implement these things consistently to do it. I know i can! Thanks again.

Once you start getting that momentum it is hard to stop. Very exciting to see your dreams turn into a reality and know you have the ability to build it.

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