Tips on how to go from "idea" to tested product faster

Hi guys!

We’ve been seeing questions pop up from our FB group members, all related to the different points they’re at in development…

Some haven’t actually started development yet (this is perhaps the most critical spot to be).

Some are already well into development, but still haven’t laid the “bigger picture” groundwork related to successfully launching an app…not just building it.

With all that in mind, we put together a quick video covering some key concepts to help you go from idea to tested product faster than you otherwise might.

This video talks about things like:

  • The one, key goal an MVP should focus on
  • How to launch even when you don’t feel ready (because in reality, you’ll probably never feel ready)
  • How to validate an idea
  • How to easily find test users

We do a lot of strategizing on how to build apps, but if you want to successfully launch an app, too…this is for you.

Head to the video here if you’d like to check it out.


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