Notifications (with AirDev plugin) in To-do app

Hello fellow Bubblers!

I am new to Bubble and currently struggling with the workflows and how to collect certain data from the database and showing it in a notification plugin in Chrome (AirDev plugin).

Currently working on the to-do app recommended by Bubble ( And having troubles with: “* (3) Add web push notifications (via Bubble’s OneSignal plugin) that will remind the user the day a Todo is due”.

I am using the AirDev notification plugin since the OneSignal plugin does not seem to work correctly in Bubble.

I want to display a notification to the user that shows: #nr of To-dos that are due today. (And if there is no to-dos doe todays, don´t show a notification)

This is how I am currently doing it:

Answers are much appreciated :slight_smile: