No-Code Time Tracker for Bubble devs

Hi Everyone!

For some time, I’ve been working on an app that auto-tracks your time spent on no-code projects. It’s been great for Bubble (already a couple dozen Bubblers on board), and I thought it would be interesting for me to post it here to get some feedback.

The app works as a Chrome Extension to track your time spent in the editor (and app preview) automatically, so you can get a detailed breakdown of your work (including how much time you spent in the Design tab, Workflows, Styles, etc.).

The dashboard looks like this:

You can also get the details of each project including page and tabs breakdown. There is also an API to integrate with your existing tools (eg. project management, invoicing, etc.)

Anyone would like to try it out - you can sign up for free at
There is a paid plan after 14-day trial but if you’d like to extend that period just let me know!

I am now working with chosen Bubble agencies to introduce the “Agency plan” next month. So, if you represent an agency, I can prepare a demo to showcase the features for you.

P.S. The entire dashboard was built using Bubble. For the backend, I had to use XANO due to the extensive data operations involved. Feel free to ask me in case you have any questions!


Wow this looks great, I’ve been wondering about something like this for a while! Is it purely browser session based, or would the totals carry through to multiple systems? For example, I use a different laptop at the office than I do when I’m at home would those totals all add up or show up as 2 separate instances?

The app is account based. So if you log in at the same account at different laptops/browsers it will still sum up to the same projects and dashboard. You can try it up by yourself :slight_smile:

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Perfect! I think some devs may also like to track the time the spend on the forums - it’s all dev time right? :wink: Is that possible too?

This is mostly for tracking pure dev times BUT you can add some extra external urls to extend tracking to outside apps. So yes, possible :slight_smile: