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Toggle buttons doesn't interact with each other. !I think I use a plugin!

Hi, I have two toggle buttons and I want them to be “dependent” of each other : when one is On, I want the other one to be off and vice-versa. Thanks

I tried conditionals for button “A”: On when ionic toggle B isn’t checked and OFF when ionic toggle B is checked. and same thing but opposite for button “B”. Please help!!

I see your conditionals, but you aren’t telling Bubble what to do when that condition is true. You need to select an option from the dropdown called, “Select a property to change when true.”

Right now, you’re only doing the first half of each step. “When this thing is on…” Now, you need to tell it, “…do this behavior please!”

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Thank you for the response but when I click select a property to change when true, there is nothing to choose.

Ok now it works but only one time. for exemple, when I preview at first my “A” toggle button is ON and my “B” is off. When I click on the “B” the “A” is OFF so that part is all fine but when I click again it stops working.

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