Toggle Repeating Group Layout


I am trying to make a toggle button to make a repeating groups number of rows go form fixed to full list. I know I could probably do a hiding show with multiple lists, with custom states, but is there a way to just toggle the layout from fixed to full?

Unfortunately, no. You’d have to do it with multiple RG elements like you said.

is that something that would be difficult to implement in future versions? Seems like you could simplify a lot of things in that matter. Like add it to the conditions list. like you do with the drop shadows etc… use states to drive layouts without having to have a bunch of different repeating groups, or is does that cause layout issues with other elements?

I tried to create a custom state “full-list” that is a yes/no. I tried to find a way to toggle the states like you can with elements, but could not find a way to do that. so I could just have it swap between two repeating groups. As you can see I don’t like to created multiple elements. I know I could do a 1page 1page thing with different buttons going to step 1 or 2 but…lol I’m lazy.

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