Toggling a cell in a repeating group

I have a “name” field in a repeating group, and i want to sort them ASC or DESC when the colume is clicked. However I only seem to be able to sort one way or th eother, is there a way to TOGGLE between ASC & DESC

Do you have a workflow that’s called when the header is clicked?

The grey area is part of the repeating group, and the yes there is a workflow, but can only selt ASC or DESC, didnt know if the easiest way was to set a state and have seperate workflows for each state.

You can create a yes/no custom state on the “text NAME” set as “no” by default. Your repeating group do a search sorted ASC.
Define a condition on your repeating group like “when text NAME custom state is yes” then default value is search sorted DESC.
Finally create an event that when you click on “text NAME” it sets the text NAME’s custom state to “text NAME custom state is no”.

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