Toggling an RG, inside an RG, nested in an RG

I have a group focus with 3 nested RGs (Workspace, project and board). I have custom states applied to Workspace and Project to filter the following RG. I have workflows around the Group elements to apply the custom state but also toggle the following RG.

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 11.32.54 AM

The problem I’m encountering is that I can not toggle the last (Boards) RG, although on the preview I can see my cursor change to the hand which tells me the functionality is correct, just something else isn’t right.
Does anyone know if toggling an RG, within a RG inside another RG is possible in bubble?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


The three RGs are placed inside an element that disappears when clicked outside of its borders and that it attached itself to another element. Each RG runs a list of items each which requires that they load adequately in order for the chained logic to work.

Perhaps the problem does not lie in toggling which should be possible.


  • Create a separate page for testing
  • Change the group focus for a group element and see if things improve
  • Share with us the dB structure between a workspace, a project and a board. How are they related?
  • It is indicated the custom states are applied to workspace and project. How exactly?

Below are the RGs in question. Mentioned above, I have custom states applied to Workspace (which I filter again for Project) and Project (which I filter against for Boards).
The Groups inside each RG (Group Workspace and Project) have a workflow that sets this state when clicked. Group Board doesn’t have this as there’s no need since I’m not filtering against the Board level, only Workspace and Project level.
Group Workspace and Project both have a toggle rule added in the same workflows.

The toggle, custom states and filtering work as expected for Workspace > Project, but the toggle does not work for Project > Board.


In a dB model like this:


  • title (text)
  • project (project)


  • title (text)
  • workspace (workspace)
  • boards (list of boards)


  • title Itext)
  • projects (list of projects)

One workspace has a list of projects where each project has a list boards. Loading one workspace brings the list of projects. Each project is being loaded which in turn brings the boards of each.

As an experiment … please add these objects like testWorkspace, testProject, testBoard … create a testPage … add the nested RGs as you have them … use a simple toggle action to reveal/hide the children of each parent. And let us know how things go.

I’ve figured it out… My privacy rules for the Board DB differed from the rest… After habving changed them, the RG works as expected.

Thanks @cmarchan for your help!

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In the future, if you have trouble triggering a workflow inside of a repeating group, use the Orchestra Plugin.

Does this apply to triggering Group focuses inside a group focus? I ask as I’m currently finding that when a group focus (A) is opened insied another group focus (B), and I select cell a selected within group A, group focus B closes itself and A no longer has a reference element and moves to the top left of the screen.

Woah, that’s a crazy use case scenario.

Orchestra is good at telling repeating group elements what to do from elements that are outside the repeating group.

The Satellite Plugin is good at telling reusables what to do from anywhere in the app.

The interesting thing about your use case is that bubble is deciding to close the group focus because you’ve clicked on an area outside of the group focus, despite the element being “of” the group focus.

The only solution I had off the top of my head was to show group focus B every time you click on an element on Group Focus A

That means that bubble would essentially be killing Group Focus B and then showing it again. I even tried to add a 3rd step where you add Show Group Focus A once more.

Unfortunately it works well enough to where Group Focus B does in fact reanimate itself :+1:t5: however, group focus A will stay in the upper left hand corner, convincing itself that it has no reference element, despite the reference element literally being on the page

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