Tokbox Implementation onto bubble

Hey, we are creating a website similar to youtube when it comes to displaying content via video. We are trying to put together the live broadcasting feature that will enable paid users to access the broadcast. We are looking at Tokbox but it seems as though its more to it then embedding a simple code onto bubbles platform for paid live broadcasting. How this would work:

  1. A broadcaster would sign up to broadcast (such as a mentor), and specify how much their broadcast would be.

  2. A person that wants to attend the broadcast would come and pay to watch the live broadcast, then be granted access to the broadcast when the broadcaster goes live.

Is this simple using tokbox or other platforms, please help?

All toolbox does is enables you to do is run arbitrary JS in the browser. Can you build your solution in such a way? If so, helpful. If not, not helpful. Hope that helps.

Im not a developer, thats why I am using bubble, but I am having a hard time getting live stream onto my website. Any help would be great!

If anyone has implemented live streaming or has integrated broadcasting features on their website, please help, that would be great!

Some older posts mention using tokbox in a Bubble app, I think using an iframe. There’s also a couple of webRTC plugins, which would use similar technology.

I keep seeing this as the solution, but I’m not familiar with JS and I don’t see any plugins that allows it to be a simple plugin solution…?

You are correct, as in, it would be a fair bit of work to integrate, and that work isn’t being offered to you for free yet.

This post sums up the situation well, and offers a way in …

I’m cracking up. “Tokbox” is a thing? Thought it was a Siri typo for “Toolbox”. Anyway, good luck with that.

@keith They wanted to conform with the EU commission’s new standards for domain names, which aims to make everything more phonetic …



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