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Toolbox plugin expression not updating

I’m using the toolbox expression plug-in to do some math calculations. When I user inputs data some of that data is used in the expression calculation.

Here is the expression:

Parent group’s Filament’s Cost per spool/(Parent group’s Filament’s Spool Size*1000)

Here my initial workflow:

This workflow did not work and the Cost per gram in the database returned " " (null). So my thought was since the expression uses the newly created inputs maybe input values aren’t available to the expression yet.

So then I tried this instead:

I hard coded “0” in for the Cost per Gram value. Then as the last step of the workflow, I change the cost per gram value using the expression.

This also didn’t work though which was surprising. No matter what I do I can’t see to get a calculated value for the “cost per gram”. It always either returns the null in the first workflow and the second workflow it always returns “0”.

I should also not the plugin expression is in the same pop up where the user inputs the values.