Toolbox Server Script, Batching text conversion

Good Afternoon, I’ve spent my last two weekends on this issue myself (my app needs to upload .csv files with hundreds of rows in each file).

As a precursor, i’m not familiar with Javascript, so i’ve been just trying a bunch of semi-random code snippets in the ServerScript action form the toolBox plugin,

using examples such as: Parse a text to a date - #2 by pork1977gm (tried idk how many different iterations of that implementation) which, after reading up a bit online and thru google should work,

but ultimately it was this post that helped me get my first successful text-to-date conversion: Toolbox plugin help - server script - #4 by paul29
(the link to that app’s editor showed me how to properly use the “data” field in that plugin’s configuration)

so here’s what i tried first (just to see if it manged to return the text in that dynamic field):

And sure enough, that’s all i apparently need? I hope there’s no kind of error this causes, and i’ll be doing some more testing, but jeez that was simple AF :rofl:

For Reference, here’s my OG .csv file :

And here’s what i get in my Database (date datatype):