Top Cal Plugin Database

I have created this schedule in my on boarding page and saving data as per your demo page.

Now the issue is I want to replicate this schedule to my dashboard but I don’t know how can I populate the data selected in onboarding page schedule to dash’s schedule and which could be modified further.

Please guide me on the same.


This will depend on how you are saving the Data, as you need to make sure you are referencing it correctly on the page. Once you get the Schedule piece of data loading correctly on that page, then you can use logic shown in the screenshot below to display the schedule back to the user. If you have the Top Calendar template, this logic is also shown in there on the Event-Editor page

Link to where this screenshot is taken from

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I actually want to show the value in the schedule itself and not separately. Tried copying the logic and pasting it in Initial but the problem I am facing is every time I am reseting it or delete the schedule after click the delete icon its setting the value as 12:00 AM because the number patter is 0.

I want to make it empty and not show 12:00 AM