Top Shelf Calendar or Scheduling Help Needed

Does anyone have experience with the top-shelf calendar plugin? I have it implemented in my system in a bit more complex way than demonstrated in the plugin. This is on purpose and necessary. However, the outcome is taking too long to load, and I need it to load much quicker. It is sometimes taking between 30 seconds to a minute.

Suppose you have experience with scheduling where the person enters hours of availability, and the system does all the checks to show the correct availability. In that case, I am looking to hire you. This can be with the top-shelf plugin or with another.

Bit of background, I have a scheduler built for a massage school for students doing massages on the public. The system has to select a duration from a dropdown or something similar, select a gender or allow for any, select a modality, then select the time. All of those are filtered based on the available therapists. I currently have this working, but it is taking too long.

Let me know, I am looking for help asap. We can jump on a call to discuss this project and everything to do with it. (payment, the time needed…)

All the best,

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I know how to solve this!
I’m a freelancer my hour is $70
I’ll send a link to my schedule created in bubble:

Dear @ben4

I would like to help you with this task, I would be happy if you can write me a DM, so we will discuss every point in detail.

I hope to hear from your soon!