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Toronto Online Meetup! RSVP NOW

Hey All,

We are preparing to host our first online meetup for Toronto, and for this meetup, we are fortunate to have @erik.bubble join us.

This will definitely be fun :sunglasses:. So signup to join and let’s bombard Erik with as many questions as we can :joy:.

We want to keep all our meetups fun and exciting so bring your questions, comments, suggestions, ideas about with you & prepare to wow us with what you’re working on; we are all here to help and have fun.

You and your friends are welcome to join even if you’re not from Toronto so don’t be shy!

RSVP here


Hello All, 2 more days to go! RSVP to join the many others who are attending our meet up using the link above

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I’d love to join, but I’m in Calgary :frowning: , haha

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@jacobgershkovich, it’s online!


I thought it still might only be for people who live in Toronto. Cool if I join, then?

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Will be online?

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@jacobgershkovich just join! We will be expecting you. hehehehehe


Hey everyone,

Today is the day! 12PM EST RSVP using the link above see you all there

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Toronto Meetup today is live and fully remote! So join, wherever you are.

See you soon!

Great Meetup everyone. We will setup a new one next week. Thanks for attending and special thanks to @erik.bubble


This was awesome everyone! Thanks for joining. As promised, here is the link to listen to the first three episodes of our podcast!

You can see it here: or on Spotify, GooglePlay, and Apple Podcasts. If you like what you hear please support us and your fellow Bubblers by rating us wherever you listen.

Thanks again and I look forward to chatting with you all again soon!


@AliFarahat thanks for hosting! @erik.bubble thanks for joining and repping bubble.