Toronto Meetup?

Torontonians… and surrounding area?

How many of us are there? Anyone interested in a meet up?



Hey @aliandrihab,
I might be interested. I was actually thinking of a meetup for the GTA + Waterloo Region (Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchenter).
My plan was for it to be held in Waterloo though (you know, the Silicon Valley of the north :crazy_face:).
I live in Waterloo so obviously i’m biased towards it but i will be happy to drive to Toronto too (it’s just an hour drive anyway).

AWESOME! let’s see how many more of us there are. I’m okay with Waterloo if more are from that region!

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Down to meet in Toronto

I am down for a meeting. Let’s do it

If you guys want a tool we can create a group st


Yes please

Can you drop us a line to support? It’s easier for us to track.

Yep I will do that

@AliFarahat I can assist in organizing it whether in Toronto or Waterloo.
If you personally know some other bubblers in thr GTA bring them in. It will be fun.

I am East of the GTA but occasionally in that area :+1:
Less so in the Waterloo/Kitch area

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Excellent. @AliFarahat did you reach out to @emmanuel and the team to get a group going? If not I can do it.

Just did

Hey everyone

The Meetup is now up. Sign up here


Signed! In downtown Toronto. :canada:

Hey Everyone,

please joinf the discussion to setup the first meeting. The aim is to have the initial meeting by the end of the month.

Then we can plan upcoming events and activities in more detail going forward. So you can say this is Meet and Greet!

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Hey Toronto

Our meeting has been scheduled please RSVP asap using link above

@AliFarahat is Sunday evening a convinient time for most people? From the initial post you made all those who responded, including myself, had suggested a Saturday time.

Well I am really trying to have a time that suits most people most messages I got make it seem like there is no good time to meet everyone schedule. So I thought Sunday is best as everyone should be off. But heh I am open to what ever. So if more people are inclined to Saturday then we can do that

Flying in from Chicago on Sunday afternoon so I won’t make this meetup. Looking forward to the next