Bubble.io Toronto Meetup

Hello Toronto!,

I have been working hard to connect with the local colleges and innovation centers in Toronto to line-up a set of venues for us to use this year. Our most promising venue (a college) is now less than excited to host any events at the current time. This is most likely caused by the corona-virus scare.

I personally can’t blame them but that left me thinking if everyone is OK withholding our next meet-up online? till at least we can get a more solid reply from other venues I have bee reaching out too.

If this sounds ok for the majority of you guys then please reply below and I can put together an online event as soon as possible

Looking forward to everyone’s feedback, Thanks

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Hey, Ottawa guy here. I’d be interested in an online thing for sure!


Great, thanks for the feedback

I’ll participate online. Thx

Hey @AliFarahat - I am in Toronto and would love to join the online meetup. I think I had joined the Meetup group earlier, will check.

Hey Guys,

we are now scheduled. see here Toronto Online Meetup! Now schedules