Track responses to Bubble dynamic landing pages?

I’m trying out a dynamic landing page builder called It’s very good, and enables extensive personalization of individual prospects’ pages. However, I realized that I can do the same thing, if not more, with Bubble. I can create a personalized landing page using prospect data already in my Bubble database. Then I save that dynamic page URL, and email it to a prospect. Great! How can I track link clicks to that dynamic page?
My sales CRM/Email app (Freshsales) does track email opens and link clicks. so maybe I’m OK.
Am I doing this right?

It seems Freshsales already offers what you need. But as you mentioned, a lot is possible when using Bubble.

The easiest way to do this is in Bubble probably to add 1 to a counter field in the database when the page is loaded. But, since you plan on creating personalized landing pages for your prospects you can use a URL parameter. When you send the link to them, include the unique id for the prospect. When they click the link, based on the unique id, register the click for that prospect on page load. Besides that, using that unique id, you can also show/hide/retrieve data and content specifically for that prospect.


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