Track if link was openend

Hi all,

I’m wondering if it possible to add something to a URL so we can track if it is opened or not.

This could be useful for sending text messages.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, there are email providers that have link tracking that you can use in Bubble


What @johnny said :point_up:

This is also doable via a URL parameter. Can be named whatever you want.

On page load this would check the url param and make changes to a field in the database.


@lantzgould @johnny thanks for the reply!

I’ve been testing it out with @lantzgould ‘s method but I can’t figure it out on my own.

Could one of you elaborate a little bit more please?

Here is how I have it in mind: A real estate agent sends an sms text message to a client with a link where the client can book a date.

In the dashboard (which the real estate agent sees) I want to have 3 icons that turn green when:

  1. sms is sent succesfully.
  2. when THAT client (which is only 1 person) clicks on that particular link.
  3. when a date is booked.

I figured 1&3 out already. However I’m stuck with part 2.

Hopefully one can elaborate more. :pray:

Thanks in advance Gentlemen!

@oliviercoolen This should give you some ideas/starting point. Customize to your liking:


Thank you very much for this detailed video @lantzgould ! This was exactly what I was looking for! :smiley: Gonna implement this right away!

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Hey lantzgould ! Looks like your video isn’t working anymore. Any chance of reuploading it again ? :sweat_smile:

I know it’s been a long time, but hey, It’s worth trying :sweat_smile:

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Would love to see this video if you still have it :slight_smile:

The video has expired… It would be great if you could reupload the video! thank you so much!