Track when API call Status is "Complete"

I have a POST call to a 3rd party API that creates an item and then I want to run workflows when the call is complete. The call contains Status in the return data. How do I run a workflow that looks for the Status and only triggers other workflows when the Status is “Complete”? It doesn’t seem to work with the “Trigger only when condition is true” workflow.

Can you provide API Doc url?
The first questions is always to know if the Service provide webhook. If yes, this is the way to go. It not, you need to set a recursive WF that will check status. It’s better to use backend WF for that.

I don’t see any info there on webhooks unfortunately.

I don’t see any info too. So I guess you have no choice to check the status every X time.
You should set a WF that will do an API Call as action. If status = completed… update your DB probably and if running, Schedule the same wf X time later (schedule itself)

Ok, well thanks for checking it out! I’ll give that a shot.