Tracking custom data metrics on my bubble app using Google Analytics

Hi Everyone! I have set up my Google Analytics plugin and also Google tag manager. But right now, I have some user metrics I would like to calculate per daily or weekly basis and track in my google analytics. I’m not sure how to achieve that using bubble. Anyone tried this before? Thanks!

Hi Yvonne, would you still like help?

Hi Alex! No I figured it out, thank you. But do you have any experience with the mailchimp extended plugin?

I don’t believe so. We’ve just used the basic one thus far. That being said, I can play around with it and see if I can find an answer if you have a question.

Hi Alex, oh thank you for your time, I was looking for a way to add users to a list in mailchimp weekly based on some certain criteria’s like last login and so. But I found a way using the backend workflows and recurring workflows to unsubscribe users and then re-subscribe them weekly. Thank you :blush:

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