Tracking shortened link conversions

Has anyone used a link-shortening service where you can easily track the link’s usage through conversion? This would be useful for measuring referral results, which is a key metric. How might it integrate with our bubble app (e.g. headercode)?

You need to create a different link per link you want to track.

Do you really need to use a tiny URL, you could just use your URL/page?ref=12345678ABCD to the same effect, and strip out the parameter to track the lead.

Tiny URLs are preferable because we have a lot of social referrals where large links look suspicious. I understand how to send parameters once someone is navigating the app, but how do I keep/strip the reference link parameter when they first land on the index page?

You just use the ‘Get data from URL’ and set the parameters to do a search for the thing.

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Thanks I’ll try that!

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