How can I track link clicks

How can I track link clicks for Google Shortened URLs (using the plugin) outputted through a bubble app.

Desired functionality is:

  1. User enters their URL.
  2. This URL gets passed through the Google Link Shortner API.
  3. Result is added to a post to be sent to social media accounts.
  4. When that link is clicked, how can I track the number of clicks that Link has on those profiles? Is it UTM, or how?

Any help greatly appreciated

It’s not actually the clicks you’d be tracking but the page loads. In the database, add a “list of users” field to the link and name something like “seen_by_ids.” Then, add a workflow to the page triggered on page load that adds the current user to that link’s list of “seen_by_ids” with the condition that the user is not already in that list.