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Just wondering if there are plans to develop professional training materials and rewrite the reference guide in simple English. I appreciate all the wonderful help members of the forum provide and there are some decent courses, but Bubble is not a tool a non-programmer can just figure out easily. I’m going to concede defeat and pay someone to build what I need as I’m just so over trying to find solutions to what I’m sure are simple problems. But honestly, if you guys want to scale this tool, you you will really need proper training materials and perhaps you should hire some of the forum experts to assist with course development.

I know you are a small team, but I don’t think it’s really legit to claim Bubble is tool for non-programmers. It’s a wonderful tool, but the notion you can just dive in a build something with no coding background or quite a bit of time to spend, well it’s just not the case.


Debbie Lefkowitz


I’m glad you mentioned your thoughts regarding the difficulty of building an application in Bubble. The training should be improved as many of the users do have a limited technical background.

What sort if application are you trying to create?

@debbielefkowitz - the key is what time horizon are you looking for?

Where I think there’s a great opportunity for the Bubble community is for someone to develop a course that provides an “Intro to Programming,” as taught through the lens of Bubble.* The platform itself is fairly well documented. But I certainly empathize with the frustration and wish that Bubble had a way of developing this foundation.

I equate it to learning a new skill, like a foreign language. Tools such as Duolingo make the process of learning a new language massively easier compared to classroom learning. But it still takes quite a bit of time and dedicated practice to become proficient.

As well, here’s a roundup of community-built resources for anyone who’s interested.

*Not looking to develop this course myself. But I will happily help a fellow Bubbler who is looking to do so.

Hey @debbielefkowitz,

I’m actually working on a fundamentals course as we speak. Should be released in the next month or so. I’ll announce when it’s ready on the forum, but if you’re on my newsletter list, you’ll also get updates. In the meantime, if you’re interested in private coaching, I’d love to help you! (See link below)

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Awesome newsletter if I may add. …

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Hi Dan,

I’ve gone through several of the code free classes. Very helpful, but not really comprehensive. I’ve looked at the community resources and helpful modules various folks here have provided. All super useful, but if you don’t have any experience and in my case, limited coding aptitude, it’s just not that easy:) And yes, it’s exactly like learning a new language. I do get the basic concepts, I’ve worked as a manager in the tech field for years, but actually implementing, not so much. I more robust training program, less focused on how to build a specific app or site and more on the concepts and practice using these concepts would be useful.

I do like Bubble. It’s a great tool, the best of the many “build without coding” tools out there, at least the ones I’ve reviewed. And this forum is excellent, so many helpful experts!



Have you read through the reference?

I try, but it’s honestly not that helpful if you don’t have a programming background of some sort. Would be great if there were examples in this document.

What about finding some bubble experts to build a site where experts label and explain in video and text how to do exactly those things and what those features are used for so people can search login system or setup data or anything else so they can find exactly how to do things also the experts can be hired if people want to hire an expert I think think will be a big help for everyone

Hi @all,

in this big thread is also a actual ongoing discussion about this topic, to get a better manual/ reference for all with screenshots, examples of each option, background information about app architecture an building:

I would recomend to bring this together. :wink:

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A quick thought about it. Would love to see some more “structured” training materials for building native apps. For example, how to use current Bubble features of “xxx” to build “xxx” in “xxx”. There are a lots of discussions about the topic #help:mobile and lots help needed as well. Thanks.

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Hi Debbie,

Have you already found someone to help with your project? I would be interested in helping if it is something I feel capable and qualified to do. Just let me know. Thanks.

Jason K

I am more focusing on building native Apps by using Bubble. There are only few courses offered by Bubblers. Most of the time I have to search through the forum to find some clue. It would be great if there were also a section for building native Apps in the documents.