Are you looking for a Bubble coach?

Hi bubblers,

My name is Minh and I have been playing around with Bubble for more than 6 months now. I took on some very complex projects like implementing advanced Algolia features inside Bubble or complex dataset (+1.2 million rows), to the point I reached some Bubble’s limits (responsiveness, database, etc.). I learned a lot from this forum.

I want to challenge myself more and coach people on their journey to build their first Bubble app so I decided to create my first fiverr gig :

If you need me to help you start and grow your project in real time with live coaching on Bubble, feel free to contact me :wink:

This is my first step for creating an advanced online course on Bubble but first I need to know what you’d like to learn !


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Hey @minh.iae :wave:

Great initiative :blush:

Just out of curiosity.

What do you mean by this?

Just some food for thought. I think you might need a little more than 6 months under your belt before coaching others. Maybe first try helping people here on the forum. It will help you gain more experience and see new challenges that you can try to solve for others. Have you worked for an agency yet? That will also help you understand how to build differently.

I hope that helps a bit to guide you down a path where you might be able to coach others eventually. :+1:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hi @J805, thanks for your advices. I agree I should start helping people here on forum I already do it in Facebook groups and discord but this place is filled with people who might need help as well ! :+1:

However, no one should take more than one year to master Bubble, especially if you have a developer background, because there are plenty of resources online and it’s about creating & launching fast ! This is why I help people reduce the learning gap. Coaching is not only about technical aspect but also the way you teach things, empathy with students and how you motivate them :grinning:

I’ve never heard about your learning platform but I will have a look at some of your videos, thanks :wink:

I have to agree on this. :blush::+1:

Glad to see you are helping on Facebook and Discord.

Looking forward to seeing you around more. Bubble is pretty awesome isn’t it! :+1:

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