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Training on how to use bubble?


I’ve viewed the initial training bubble provides when you login and its good but not enough.

I need more training videos to really build apps, I’m also part of the codefree site and that has some great training, but again its not enough, i really need a formal a-z training on how to use bubble

I’m interested in building an ecommerce website, with full payment method etc…

Is bubble going to provide more A-Z training on how to build apps, or are there more training video resource anyone can recommend?


You might also want to check out this Udemy course:

And you can also check out I am hoping there are some more vids from other bubblers on the way…Also i think @natedogg can help you - I think they specialize in mobile sites. Also check out and sign up for the news letter, etc…

Seems like it would be nice to have a category for bubble education service providers only, so we can see what fits best for each person verses having to go all over to track them down. Each educator gets their own special space and thread to communicate to students on.

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