Transaction List

I am requesting help on setting up a transactions section showing all the deposits and withdrawals and transactions a user has made on bubble. I have the Stripe Plugin where the users cards are connected to.

If you need a person to help you on a paid basis - post in Jobs / Freelance - Bubble Forum
If you need a help from the community - describe in details what task do you have and what problems do you face while solving your task.

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I am trying to do as much of it myself but I do get stuck on some parts as I’m new to Bubble. I have a repeatinggroup setup and I’ve tried using youtube videos and ChatGPT to help with it but GPT doesn’t seem to be up to date with Bubble as it tells me to do add things I can’t add.

I do believe I need to setup the Fields for the Data Type “Transaction” I currently have the Fields: Transaction ID, Date of transaction, Amount Deposited, Amount Withdrawn. But there just the names of the Fields I’m not sure which Field Type to set them to and how they will show up in my RepeatingGroup.

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