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Stripe payee transaction and fee

Hey guys! My particular issue is that even though my user for example has already signed up as a stripe seller, i just cant seem to figure out how to set up the payee transaction and app fee in this situation. I would really appreciate any help as soon as possible?

You’re not asking something specific, so it’s a bit hard to help. But looking at the screenshot, it looks okay to me. Why don’t you

  1. set up a test case
  2. ask a specific question

If you could share screenshots of the transaction in stripe it’d help. Also, try to use the debugger in Bubble to make sure the data is right when you run the workflows.

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Hi, it the transactions are going through perfectly fine, however i just cant seem to get the app-fee or trans. payee to work, Ive tested a few dozen times and the payments are successful but the rest just don’t seem to work? maybe i should establish an API POST to send data or something? truth be told, i’m a noob at this so any help would be much appreciated, and i hope my question was much clearer. thanks again!

I should work like this, without a new call. Are you 100% sure you’re looking at the right place? And did you validate with the debugger the value is 100% correct for the App Fee?

yes and I have tried countless different methods and have read many forum posts to get some clue but I’m just lost and it wont seem to work. should i use the bubble api connector? or is there a much better default option that i should revert to?
either way, thanks for your help so far. i might have to postpone this project until i figure out whats going on.

have you try creating an object “Transaction” with al the details : amount, fee, destination user… ? so you are sure about the information & numbers you send in the Charge action.
Happened to me the transaction fee was null or <0 one day…

Can you share a link? Otherwise we can’t help more than looking at your screenshots.

hey, thanks for the reply. But i was wondering is there a specific reasons to why i should create extra step to store the data on my server? and the probably proceed to use a POST api to send the data back to strip or something? would really apperceive to hear more if you can elaborate on this method a bit more if possible. thanks again!

which link? the link to the check out page or other pages? thanks for putting up with my noobness, and trying to help. really appreciate it :sweat_smile:

There is no need for an additional call.

I mean a link to your app in run mode to test. Generally speaking, the best way to get help is to post something that people can try.

Thanks guys for all your help, but I’ve decided to forgo the feature for now since its not as necessary.

I noticed “authorize the charge only” is checked, could this have something to do with the issue? I have not used it so unsure of the steps and how it would be reported in Stripe, but maybe because the charge hasn’t actually gone through that it is not showing the amounts in Stripe

Here you may get some info
But hard to help like this. Best is to make a temporary public copy of you app

@nicolas.daprigny @gf_wolfer thanks for the suggestion guys, ill deff give it a try in the future but for now I’ve decided to cancel this feature due to high complexity in my app. :slight_smile: