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Transactional emails via SendGrid: How to add logo to sender icon?

I finally figured out how to pull the subject line and body copy from Bubble (tip: only works with legacy templates - at least for me.)

But I still can’t find anywhere how to pull our logo to show as the sender image when the email gets to an inbox.

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 5.11.03 PM

Is this a Bubble or SendGrid issue? Wondering if anyone has been able to figure this out.

Many thanks!

This is not related to Bubble or Sendgrid really. It’s a little bit complex to explain but initially, theses pictures was from a gmail account linked to the sender email, Google + account and now, this can come from BIMI specifications. Some mail client (this is actually the mail client that “set” a profile image to email) like microsoft that doesn’t support BIMI actually. For MS, you will need to create a Business profile:
Finally, some Mail client will use gravatar account (created with the sender email) to get the profile image/avatar.

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Thanks @Jici for your help! That makes sense. Cheers, M.

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