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Transfer Domain from Wix

I’m trying to transfer my domain from Wix however I’m having difficulty. Has anyone done this before that can help?

What aspect of transferring the domain are you having trouble with?

I haven’t directly transferred from Wix, but this article should point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind, Wix is serving two roles: both as a website builder and as a registrar (the place where your domain “lives”). Bubble does not act as a domain name registrar.

With Wix, you should be able to use it just as a domain name registrar (ie. point the URL to Bubble). Otherwise, you’ll need to migrate the domain to another registrar (ex. Google Domains, GoDaddy, etc).

Hi, thanks for replying. I’m just using Wix as the domain name registrar (as that’s where I originally set up a site) but when I include the value that Bubble gives me to put in the DNS records on Wix, the Bubble page tells me that they found a different value. However this value does not appear on Wix anymore, it’s very confusing.

Can you post screenshots of your setup and the error you’re seeing. Hard to follow based just on text.

Hi, I’ve attached two screenshots from Wix and Bubble that hopefully might explain the error better. And thanks for helping out, I appreciate it.

It likely has something to do with the CNAME record being and pointed to Wix.

Not my area of expertise, but I believe deleting the CNAME record and replacing it with a new A record with the Bubble value and should fix things.

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I use to try to use Wix for my website less than a year ago until I switched to Bubble. This is what I did, (Timeline: 2-5 days) I transfered my domain to GoDaddy (they have 24/7 online support) for 2 reasons: it is cheaper to host and it is more compatible with other web builders. Afterwards just plugin your domain in the domain tab in Bubble. If you are running into issues, ask GoDaddy online support to help. They are really good at what they do.

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