Domain Name Transfert on Bubble

Hi all,

I started Bubble a few weeks ago (amazing tool!) and I have a quick question, thanks in advance for your held !

I am currently developping a V2 of my application (the V1 in on WIX).

The application (V2) is almost ready and I am wondering how can I transfer my domain name from WIX to Bubble.

Thanks again !

Hey Antoine,

Simply remove your custom domain on wix side (and remove the A entry for wix in the dns of your registrar) Wait for few minutes, or perhaps 1 or 2 hours in order for the domain name servers to resync. Then go to your bubble app settings, domain / email, set your domain name in the relevant input field, and bubble will provide you with 2 dns entries to set on your side. Few minutes after, your V2 will be live with your custom domain name.

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Thanks for your help Chris !

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Is it ok now ?

Hi Chris, I 'll make the change tonight and keep you posted.

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Hi Chris,
I removed the custom domain on Wix (and removed the A entry for wix in the dns). After a few hours I put the domain name in Bubble (it was last Monday). For now the preview mode doesn’t work and I have this message in the Setting (domain / email) :

I red that it can take seven days when you want to transfer the domain name from Wix to another editor

@myvitrine who is the domain DNS hosted on? Or what is the URL so we can look it up for you.

Knowing this information can allow us to give much more detailed information on how to make the updates. At the very most it should only take 72 hours but it often is much faster and sometimes done within minutes.

As per what I see, your domain name is hosted by Google. But what’s strange is that there’s no Google dns config settings appearing.

Have you modified the Google dns config with the config provided by Bubble, after the Wix config deletion?

Hi @nathansessions1

Thanks for your answer!

The URL is
The domain is hosted on OVH.

I also have another domain name hosted on WIX ( and I would like to transfer it on Bubble.


haha just after sending this message, I see the website working…

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It looks like isn’t loading for me but the other is. Is that intentional?

Hi Nathan, is now working!
I would like to add another domain: (which was hosted on WIX) but I do not know how to do that…