Translating data to another language

My dynamic data is in English, but I want to translate that data to German when the user choose to pick another language. What are the best practices regarding this? Thanks in advance!

this is my exact problem right now! Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Bubble has the infrastructure to support pre-translated prompts baked right into the app text data type. For Bubble’s best practices refer to their customizations section of the manual. We have leveraged this heavily in conjunction with specifying per-user language through an option set to support a number of less common languages.

On top of that both Google and AWS offer developer APIs for their translation platforms.

Thanks Aaron but I am having issues with dynamic data in a repeating group that is not translating

You will have to process the dynamic data through a web service that offers a translation API. Google or AWS are the top players right now.

hey Aaron - thx- - I figured I needed an API for Google translate. Would u rely on the plugins to translate dynamic text thx? How much do u charge lol

I use this plugin for translating text Google Translate Plugin | Bubble and it should work fine with dynamic text I imagine

got the plugin and api in what do i do next…unsure…i did app text for everything else but not dynamic text

Please see Sarah’s explanation here on how to set this plugin up:

I havent’t tried it specifically with dynamic text so you will have to figure that out.

thanks @phrase9 dont really know what the source, target and q, and format should be…my app language is en_us and the target translation of dynamic text is fr_ca. Cant believe how difficult translation can be for something so simple