Google Translate Plugin

Use google translate to translate one language into another and detect in which language a text is.


Hello @AliFarahat ! I would like to use your plugin, but I can’t find out how to. Can you help ? Or give a documentation ? Thank you

Hi Sarah,

I am not sure how useful this could be:

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hello @cmarchan I already took a look but the pricing doesn’t fit our needs (numbers of languages needed). I juste don’t understand how to make the google Translate plugin, the “q” parameter part :confused:

“q” is the input query…so this is where you put the text to transalte

Hey @Bubbleboy thx for responding ! I was desperate. But where to put this q parameter ??? HOw ? I really don’t understand :sleepy:
Is this a page parameter ? a name of a field ?

I need to know how to use this plugin but I don’t know where to start. I inserted google console API key, my billing is on but now what? There is no plugin element, there are no workflow backend elements, so what do I do next?

@Bubbleboy why didn’t you reply to Sarah’s question?

in fact you need to use it in the editor like :

the q parameter is the text to translate, can be dynamic


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Thank you Sarah! I wonder why the plugin author could not have simply added what you did to his plugin page or this forum chat in the 5 years that his plugin has been around.

hi @Sarah_Esteve - i am trying to translate dynamic text from en_us to fr_ca with this plugin for dynamic text but having difficulty…app language is en-us and app text language can is translated tot fr_ca…i just want to translate dyanmic text for some RG…cool if u could help - thx :slightly_smiling_face:

what can t you achieve? did you follow steps on my previous post ?

not to sure what to put in for the text part in the condition? CU language is FR_CA…and app language is EN_US…i have all app text in FR_CA thx Sarah.