Weglot app translate

Hi, I found this plug-in:

Anybody has tried it? Any opinions?

Does it translates dynamic text?

Hi, I’m currently in the process of implementing it on my App.
Yes it translates dynamic text, this is quite amazing. All the information on my database can be translated, disregring the logic complexity on how i retrieve the information. However, to do it, i needed to contact the Weglot support. The good thing is that they are very reactive (answer on next day). The only remaining issue i have is that i cannot succesfully login and logout from a translated page. E.g. I must login and logout the user on a non translated page. Once login is done, there is no issue., it works well. I’ve contacted Bubble support to solve the login issue, expecting their answer. The automatic translation by Weglot is very good quality, obviously it’s not 100% perfect but you can edit easily the translation.

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Thanks for this detailed information! Please keep sharing here your good and bad experiences with the Weglot plug-in. This can be very helpful to many people, including myself! :raised_hands:

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By the way, i got one year of Weglot plan to translate 4 languages completely free of charge. You just have to go to https://www.joinsecret.com/ which is a platform to get special deals and buy subscription from them. then ask for weglot 1 year free plan. The saving is largely worth the joinsecret subscription.

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Wow! Thanks, that sounds like a great deal!

Hi! I followed your recommendation and I am trying Weglot using its free trial.

I am having trouble though trying to translate dynamic text that is retrieved through an external API call.

I tried this:

But it is not working.

Do you know how I can do this?

UPDATE: I deleted the whole cache of my chrome browser, reload the page and now it is working correctly.

Hi, in my case, i solved most of the issue directly asking Weglot support, they did most of the required specific tuning. Just open a ticket, they are super reactive (answer next working day).

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Hi @sbielecki,

I am also trying to implement Weglot and unfortunately I am experiencing some issues.

According to their team, the host is blocking their plugin and I must contact Bubble for asking them to whitelist api.weglot.com, weglot.com , dashboard.weglot.com, and also allow their user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0).

Did you have any success with explaining this to the support team?

Thank you!

Hi, in my case, I deleted the whole cache of my chrome browser, reloaded my app and my problem was gone.

However, in the end I decided not to implement Weglot yet in my app. Its still at an early stage for multilanguage, but it seemed great!

Hi @pachocastillosr, thank you.

I just deleted the cache but the issue is still present.

No, i asked Bubble to whitelist some adresses but did not get answer from them. However the only remaining issue for me is that you cannot do login or logout from a translated page. All the other issues of dynamic translation where solved by Weglot without asking support from Bubble. i reported the login/logout issue to Bubble, and yes, they confirmed me that they are looking at it. I do not have answer yet but they communicate from time to time, saying that it is on their list.

I see. I also got in touch with Bubble as well but they said it could months if the Product team determines that they’re going to add the request to the roadmap.

same here…

okay so I deactivated subdomains and the problem isnt there anymore