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Treefort: An app that helps teams crowdsource ideas and prioritize

Excited to launch my first app using Bubble! I just moved it into a Public Beta so I welcome you all to check it out and give me feedback! Bubble Devs can save 20% too.

Treefort helps you crowdsource, prioritize, have conversations, and focus on the ideas that matter most to you, your team, and your customers. The feedback has been positive and exciting so far.

A big shout out to @gf_wolfer for the help and answer some blockers early on!

Now off to go make it better!


I’m loving your site design. Great job!

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Thanks @potentialthings going to be re-workig a few things, I’m not 100% sure if the message is “connecting” but got to start somewhere right :slight_smile:

This look real top shelf. Will have a proper play soon and feedback!

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Looks beauty. Great job!

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Thanks! @gf_wolfer

Thank you! I welcome the feedback for sure @gregjohnkeegan!

@DennisF, great work!

How much time did you invest in the construction of Treefort?

Hey! Thank you for the kind words! So the design time was probably a few days. As far as Bubble development goes, I was bound and determined to get this code complete by the end of my 30 day trial. And at that time it was about 95% complete. It probably took me a total of 45 days or so to get it to this spot. Which is pretty sweet! Bubble is such a quick and iterative platform once you get past the curve.

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Very cool! Congrats on launching. Looks like a lot of work went into this. Looking forward to exploring in more detail.

One quick piece of feedback, if you’re interested: Personality-wise, I am easily distracted and don’t like things “in my way”. I had to close four different windows / boxes / prompts before I could see the main page w/out anything calling at my attention. I’m probably more sensitive to stuff like that than most, so don’t take this as representative feedback, but each thing I have to close results in a higher hurdle the page has to clear in order to earn my love.

@DennisF, thank you!

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Thank you on the congrats! Def. an exiting milestone. Let me know if you have questions as you explore more. I totally get what you are saying around pop-ups etc. I do appologize for the information overload :slight_smile: Context may help: Since I have a few launch campaigns running over the course of the week, I’ve dialed up the communication channels. I’ll be pulling some of that messaging back in the upcoming days to just the exit intent modal and at maybe the intercom welcome. Hope that helps. If you did take action (clicked on the modals) you should not see them moving forth and never more than one time a day!


Dennis, how did you get the comment icon and number to appear next to the text as it shrinks or expands?

Hey Donald!

SO I’m using a conditional to only show this when a comment has been added, but I’ve attached what I did. I essentially combined the Dynamic Data with Static Data in the Text Field.

Hope hope this helps.


@dennisf - really nice work overall!

To provide an added bit of clarity (for someone who also got stuck on this issue):

I think the key part there is using the [fa] tag, which is a different way of displaying an icon. (Ie. instead of drawing both a text element and an icon element, you combined them by using the [fa] tag.

It’s a common struggle that you might drop in a separate icon next to text and the placement of the icon doesn’t follow alongside the changes in character length. This fixes that. :slight_smile:

@dan1 thanks! Def. appreciate you adding more context!

@DennisF Top work Dennis. Some real potential there. Your app is a living proof of what the ‘design oriented’ development can achieve, and kudos to bubble for making that possible.

BTW…I have noticed that you are designer, so what sort of UI prototyping tool you would recommend?

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Thanks @zeb for the kind words! Glad you like what you see! As far as prototyping tools, I’ve been a user of InVision for many years. It’s easy to build prototypes and helps really manage the process across teams.

Thanks Dennis. I will give Invision a go and will try to implement your app at our company. I really find it easy to use.

Wish you good luck with beta!