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Trello - any examples of a Bubble app integrating with it?

From search it looks like there’s only two previous short discussions which went nowhere, with a couple others talking about recreating Trello’s functionality.

Basically, I want to enable a user to basic OAuth ( and then just read the content of their cards/lists/boards into the app to do stuff with.

I can do this via coding from scratch, but 99% of what I want to do is just dealing with the data for reporting/etc which Bubble looks great for.

Getting the OAUTH token back is not trivial.

It is no doubt possible if you are prepared to hack it a bit, but I don’t think it would be easy with native Bubble functions.

Righto - guess that’s what I needed to hear, was wondering why it’s not more prevalent, then when trying to delve into it myself found it’s not as simple as I’d hoped.

In theory it is fairly simple, you pass a “secret” the user confirms the access, and you get redirect back with a token that allows certain access for a certain period. You can then use that token in API calls.

Same thing with trying to get Facebook to work, handling the subsequent use of the token doesn’t seem possible. At least not without storing it somewhere but that might cause issues.

Actually, Facebook worked OK with some effort. Google Contacts too, and have done Calendar previously.

Trello seems much harder, as it is OAUTH not OAUTH2 and I couldn’t get it to work with Bubble’s OAUTH2 connector.

On the face of it you could write a little Webtask to do this by pulling in a Node OAUTH library.