Trial Period for App Plans?

So i’m thinking of upgrading my Bubble App to the Personal plan and i’m unsure what the full differences are between the $16 per mo. Personal (Legacy) Plan and the $29 per mo. Personal Plan.

I’m thinking of saving the money and doing the Personal (Legacy) Plan but I want to know if there’s a grace or trial period where I can see if the Legacy plan is good enough for my use case or if the regular Personal plan is a better fit.

(If someone wants to fully list out the differences between the two plans it would be greatly appreciated too.)

Hi @Dev.DoPJRP,

Bubble recently updated there plans changing the pricing on all plans but if you had an account created before the update they allow you to still use the old pricing which is a lot cheaper there is no difference between each plan that im aware of.

Alright, that answers one question. Do you know if there’s a grace period where I can change the plan if I find that there is a performance difference between the plans so I don’t end up paying $16 and $29 for both plans, kinda like a trial period?

There is no performance difference. There’s no difference at all between the two plans except the price.

Alright, that’s good enough for me. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: