What is Legacy premium plans

What is the difference between the Personal plan and the Personal (legacy) plan?

$13 per month

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Bubble recently made some adjustments their overall pricing structure which affected the Personal plan as well.

The current/new pricing for personal plan is $29/month ($25 with yearly subscription) however,
if you had a bubble account before mid-August 2019 (approx), you have the option to stay with the old (legacy) pricing model for 2 years.

Old (legacy) pricing for Personal tier - $16 month
New (current) pricing for Personal tier - $29/month ($25 yearly sub)

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Thank you for the explanation. Got that legacy deal :grin:


I didn’t realise I was on a legacy personal plan or that another even existed. So other than an extra $13 (US?) per month, is there any other value the new plan offers?

hiya @syedibrahim1388. Know this is ages later but i haven’t heard of this until now. Quick Q, but after this two year period does this mean we will have no option but to pay to use any of bubbles services? Or will there still be a free option?