Help, "Trigger a custom event when data changes" is triggering every time the page loads

Hi guys,

I have created a “When Page Loads” Workflow, with a single action: “Trigger a custom event when data changes”, and that data being the current user’s field: “C_request Sent”, which triggers a custom event.

I am pulling my hair out because every time I refresh the app, this workflow runs and the custom event triggers. So no data is changed, but the action triggers the custom event anyway. I have checked and double checked, and tested it with different data fields and custom events, and no matter what I do, every time I reload the app, the custom events always trigger. It’s as if the “Trigger a custom event when data changes” action just isn’t working and just triggers the custom event 100% of the time regardless of changes.

And here’s some screenshots of the app in debug mode when I refresh the app showing the custom event triggering even though no data has changed.

I’d really appreciate any help on this if there are any Bubble geniuses who can see something I can’t. Thanks in advance!

Try setting the value for “Type of thing” in the custom event that you’re trying to trigger to “User”.

It is already set to user (you can see in the last screenshot)

Unless I’m missing something, that’s a screenshot of the workflow action. I’m talking about the actual custom event (which looks like it’s called “connection request sent” in your case).

Go to “Connection Request Sent” and set the “Type of thing” to “User”

No the last screenshot shows the custom event “Connection Request Sent” triggering and you can see the Type of Thing is set to User, which I treble checked is the case.

I just tried creating a new Page Load workflow that triggered a new custom event when a different user field is changed… and it didn’t automatically trigger when I refreshed the app. I tried again with the “C_Request Sent” field and all of a sudden it triggers automatically again.

So its something to do with the C_Request Sent" field… why would it automatically trigger with that field, and not with other fields?

Could you share your editor?

Sent you a PM

Oh sorry I can’t share my editor because I’m on the free plan (I’ll be upgrading when I’m ready to launch).

I’ve been doing some experimenting and I’ve discovered the weirdest thing…

I created a brand new User field called “Connection Sent”… and then it worked perfectly (it didn’t automatically trigger my custom event). Then I added a User to the Connection Sent field, and the custom event triggered… so far so good… but then from that point onwards, it was broken again, triggering my custom event every time I refreshed. Even when I deleted the user I added, it was broken from that point onwards.

I tried the same thing with other fields, new and existing, and I couldn’t replicate the problem. The pattern I did notice was that it always worked with a new field, but only broke the first time that field was changed when that field is a list of users. It doesn’t break when its a list of another thing type, only users.

That is a weirdest thing… it only affects fields that a User Lists… the next thing to test is whether it is ‘breaking’ because I’m adding/deleting users in the backend, and not due to a workflow action, which is what will happen when I build that part out—but obviously I really want to test things manually before I do that…

More experimenting. I tried ‘watching’ a field that was a single User… and when i added a user, it triggered the custom event, and then every time I refreshed the event kept triggering. Then when I deleted the user in that field, it stopped automatically triggering the event.

So it’s something to do with User fields.

User List fields break and begin triggering the custom event automatically every time the page loads, even if you delete the user you added leaving the field blank. One change and the field itself is broken—as in, even if you create an entirely new page load workflow and action calling a custom event based on changes to that list field, it will still be broken and trigger automatically.

A single user field does break when you add a user to it (it triggers the custom event every time you refresh), but when you remove the user it is fixed again.


If you go into settings --> general --> application rights … you can select the option that says “everyone can view”. Then you can post a link to your editor

Hey @aslen

Super strange indeed. I built something quick to test this on an app I have and I’m getting the same thing happening. Seems like a bug. I’d submit a report to Bubble!

Phew, so I’m not going mad then. Thank you so much Jacob… I’ll do a workaround where I save the info I need in text fields (rather than user fields) and then just have the actions convert those text field entries back to the users.

Ok I tried the text field route… I used a text list field… and it landed me right back where I started, with the custom event triggering every time I refreshed the page even if I deleted the field text entry.

Now I’m going to try working with a new Thing called a Connection Request, and then making that what the field in the user points to… and then see if that works—i’ll report back.

No that doesn’t work either. The entire “Trigger custom even when data changes” action is broken. Surely this is a super important feature that all apps need to operate? Surely someone else would have brought this to Bubble’s attention?

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