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Trigger An Action On Destination Page When Sending User To New Page

How can you trigger an action to run on the page after you get them there?

For example:

I want to have a pop up appear ONCE after account creation on the My Profile page that welcomes the user and directs them to the fields in their profile they must complete.

You could add a field to the user called “New User”. It could be set to Yes by default.

Then on your page: my_profile, add a workflow that occurs on page load that checks if the User’s New User = Yes, if so, show the alert message. Followed by an action that makes a change to the current user and sets New User to No.

I have my page set up this way as well. What I did in my workflow is "Upon page load, if current user first name is empty, then trigger the pop box which displays the profile.

Conversely if the current user first name is not empty, they display the general profile page. I tested this out and it works nicely.

Pass a parameter in the workflow “Go to page my_profile”, for example ?newuser=yes

See example i made


@AliFarahat good example, thanks.


I set up a lot of fields that I call “sherpas”… They do exactly what is being discussed in this thread. My workflows check for fields carrying roles, data, etc. on page loads which trigger a new workflow.

Basic Idea:

User clicks a nav link on a page -> Workflow adds a Yes to a sherpa field on the current user then navigates to a page

New page loads -> workflow with sherpa field “yes” qualifier performs the desired action. Next step in workflow changes current user’s sherpa field to blank <— That’s a very important step.


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