Workflow to show popup on another page

O looking for help with simple worklow.
After creating an new account, the user is redirected to the home page.

How to arrange the workflow to show a popup (which is created on the home page) after the creating new account?

Hi there, @bartoszkopec89… it sounds like you might be trying to show some sort of welcome or onboarding popup to the user after they create an account and hit the homepage for the first time. If that is correct, one way you could do it is to have a field (maybe yes/no) on the User data type called something like new user, and default the field’s value to yes. Then, have a workflow that runs on the page load of the homepage that says when a user’s new user field is set to yes, show the popup. When the user dismisses the popup, set the user’s new user field to no, and then the user won’t see the popup again any time they come to the homepage.

I hope I have understood your post correctly, and I hope this helps.


This is a great idea :slight_smile:

How to setup: When the user dismisses the popup, set the user’s new user field to no.

If the user is clicking a button to close the popup, make changes to the current user as part of the workflow associated with clicking the button, and the change to make is to set the field to no. If the popup can be closed by clicking outside of it, you can use the A popup is closed workflow event, and you would put an action in the event to make the change to the current user.

It worked - thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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