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Bubble as Action Using Zapier


I want to create an application where actions in Trello trigger something in Bubble. I am using Zapier.

I found a thread that had a very similar problem to mine, and I have been trying to follow the steps given here: [SOLVED] Bubble as Zapier action instead of trigger?. However, there are some discrepancies between the two situations that I need help on- for one, this guy was trying to make a schedule, whereas I am trying to do something very different.

First of all, do I still use POST with my webhook? More specifically, I want a progress bar to increase when something in Trello changes. I am very new to webhooks and I do not know which call is better.

Furthermore, how do I display the action exactly? Do I create a workflow that uses an API (and if so, which one?) Or should the zapier webhook work automatically, or whenever it updates?


Yes, you would still do a POST to your API workflow.

You need to create an API workflow first, so go to settings and “Allow” the POST.

Then on the page navigator you will see API workflows down the bottom.

Here you make a workflow that does what you want it to do, but you can’t “display” stuff. So if you had a task with progress, you would maybe update a status ?

You may need to pass in something from zapier that identifies the thing you want to update. That is the parameter on the API workflow.