Trigger "Do when condition is true" by internal page transition

So I have 1-page site. I use “Go to page” to “current page” and I faced a problem when my “Do when condition is true” (set to Run this - “Just once”) triggers only once, but I thought that it “resets” everytime “go to page” triggers. I want to use “Do when condition is true” workflow to trigger different things, just like default states in some groups everytime they opens, but because of this problem it just triggers once. Can I somehow fix it without “Refresh the page”? I want to use “Do when condition is true” because it must be more optimized variant than “Page is loaded”, because I want many things to work like this.

Change the setting from “Just Once” to “Everytime”

Then it will just infinitely trigger because my condition is always true at this time

Please try it, take a video and demonstrate to me visually that you are correct. It is like my 4 year old son. He asks me a question and when I give him the answer he tells me I’m wrong. Like, how do you know I’m wrong when you yourself don’t even know the answer, which is why you asked the question.

I’ve seen a lot of people on the forum lately be quick to quip back that a solution is wrong without even trying the solution.

One thing though, after re-reading your initial post, is that despite you looking for a solution on how to trigger something every time based custom states, the setup I provided and demonstrate above, doesn’t trigger it every time the URL changes because using the go to page workflow action doesn’t refresh the page, so using a customs state value doesn’t work, because custom states do not get lost when using the go to page workflow action navigating to same page because the page doesn’t refresh/reload. If you were to refresh/reload the page, then the custom state value is lost and you would not have the condition met for your condition is true.

So to really make it function you need URL parameters.

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