YSK Bubble always be caching - go to page edition

I wanted to trigger a page-load workflow the example with a go to page action (on the left). None of the page load workflows triggered. Reason? That age-old algorithm: caching.


I’ve been having a similar issue, but with refreshing the page. The initial page – no problem, but subsequent refreshes, – on page load workflows don’t run again.

If I add a breakpoint on the workflow, they run fine, if I don’t (or run off of debug mode), they won’t run.

Bubble must be doing something funky with the on page load and WU.

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Hi there,
When you trigger the action “Go to page” on the current page, it doesn’t refresh the page but updates the history, which is why you can preserve the custom states and your on-page-load workflows won’t run again.

You’ll have to force the reload page event using either the “Refresh page” or the “Open an external website” action.

It might include some more “stuff” going on, but this is just a summary.

It’s nuanced: Navigation - Bubble Docs

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