Trigger on any Data field

I’m trying to activate a Database trigger if ANY field in Dat Type is changed.

Set up:
[Data Type] now is not [Data Type] before change

Not triggering.

Doing something wrong?

That expression doesn’t do what you think it does. Project line now is always Project Line before change. They are the same thing.

You could try the following:
“Project Line Item now modified date > Project Line item before change modified date”

If you’re interested in any kind of modification, then you don’t need to put any condition on this workflow.

Just leave it blank.

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btw, DB triggers technically work the opposite way:

Database trigger events look at any change to a data type, and triggers the event if one takes place. Bubble then checks the Only when expression and stops the rest of the workflow from running if it returns a negative value (no ).

  • A database trigger event without an Only when expression will run on every single change made to that data type

[ source]

So if you’ll leave Only when… condition empty - you’ll get what you’d like to get.

But, personally I would not recommend it cause in the end you can end up with a huge bill for WU consumption…

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Thanks - I was looking for that info on the docs.

Will keep an eye on the WU.