How to trigger workflow when field value is changing

I like to show an alert when a field value is changed. I can only find this for input value changed. Is there also way to trigger something when a field value in the database is changed?
My users have Coins that they collect from other users. I want to show an alert when the Coin balanced changed when people added Coins.

Hi there, @bubble48… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like a job for database triggers, and here are a couple of articles about them.

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But when I use the database trigger with the backend flow it looks like I cannot use element actions, such as showing an alert or toast.

Check out the Trigger a custom event when data changes workflow action.

Cool thanks a lot

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If you want to use database changes to trigger actions on the front end, there are a few things you can try…

First, you can look into the ‘Trigger a Custom Event When Data Changes’ workflow action (which you can trigger on page-load)…

Alternatively you could set a custom state on the page (i.e. the current User’s coin balance), and then use a conditional workflow to trigger an action anytime that custom state value is not the same as the actual database value (you’ll need to update the custom state value to match the database every time it changes).

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Awesome thx

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