Trigger Workflow when the Thing is modified

Hi everyone

I am pretty much stuck with this database issue.

  1. I have a workflow that triggers Zapier Zap
  2. Zapier takes Data from Bubble, sends prompt to ChatGPT, and modifies The Thing in Bubble

I want to start a new workflow when the Thing is Modified. It would show the new data to a user.

I googled, and some folks use database workflows, but I didn’t find a relevant use case or in-depth guide. Can you help me out?

P.S. Can’t use API Connector by Bubble because it times out after 50 sec and OpenAI often takes more time.

Appreciate you!

Found a workaround, but it seems a little bit dumb.

I have a workflow that checks every 5 seconds if

  1. The specific cell is not empty (it’s not after Zapier changes the Thing)
  2. If the current user doesn’t have a “yes” value in the specific value (by default it’s “no”)

If 2 criteria are met, the workflow starts. And after the workflow is done, it changes “no” to “yes” to prevent this workflow from running again.

I don’t expect millions of users, so this approach might work.

But maybe there is a better wat?

There are several videos on YouTube, check for “bubble database trigger”.

Hi, can you provide more details.
How do you want to show the new data to a user?